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ICE Jet is a division of the Industrial Cleaning Equipment Company (ICE). Larry Gay founded ICE in Winston-Salem, NC in September of 1974. Since that time, we have expanded operations to include distribution centers in Wilmington, NC; Rocky Mount, NC; Florence, SC; Greer, SC and have expanded sales to the Continental 48 of the United States. In 1976, corporate headquarters were moved to the Wilmington location. In 1986, a new chemical manufacturing facility was constructed on Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington. Industrial Cleaning Equipment Co. has formulated and packaged over 50 standard products and has the knowledge, expertise, and ability to custom blend any chemical product in all areas of the industry.

Hey, good morning. Today we're going to be talking about our 6012 Mud Dog as a sewer jetting version. Really excited about this product. It comes with a lot of additional features, add-ons for any municipality. You can jet from two-inch line all the way up to 12 inch line. It's a six gallon a minute, 3,500 PSI, hot and cold water system, adjustable thermostat, adjustable pressure. It's freeze protected. It's got an inlet filter.

You've also got this lockable toolbox on it that's really nice. It comes with an additional wash down gun, and pressure washing wash down hose. You've got custom nozzles for both your pulverizer, penetrators, flushers, and de-icing nozzles, as well as another 100 foot section of quarter inch hose with a quick connection adapter kit. You've also got your owner's manual with your chemical injection system if you need it as a wash down.

As a standard Mud Dog unit with pressure gauge, so you can control your PSI and GPM on how much you're jetting. We've got this paired with a 250 foot automatic reel, electric, and 400 feet of 1/2 inch hose, 200 feet of 3/8 inch hose, and 100 feet of one inch R1 non-conductive, 11,000 PSI rated hose. In the center we've got 100 feet of your inlet and low pressure hose with a float valve system to fill up your 325 gallon tank.
I'm going to go ahead and crank the unit up, get it to pressure. Clint's going to be holding it to a two inch pipe so I can show you how you adjust your pressure GPM.
Go ahead and crank that engine up, take it off[Inaudible 00:01:58], Adjust your pressure. We got a [inaudible] hand held ball valve. There you can see as... you're flushing out too hot now hold it right there. This is just the two inch pipe, but that rascal will pull through there like a freight train.

Adjust the [inaudible 00:02:26]. Especially on the [inaudible] gauge. Adjustable pressure.

Alright hold it right there. You can see that we've got wet steam coming out. So it's going to break any type of grease, blockages, anything that you've got. This unit is capable of getting rid of roots, debris, sand, mud.

Go ahead and open your valve back, flush it. Go ahead and pull that line out, and we're going to feed this hose. This is a thermoplastic hose. We can put tiger tails or any kind of bend restrictor on you need. Go ahead and lock it down and you're ready to roll.