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Reaper Rotating Jetting Nozzle

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – The Reaper’s rotating front jet is a 0-degree, straight water stream that blasts at up to 4000 PSI while rotating at an optimal speed to form a 24 or 30-degree cone of coverage. Optimized stream quality results in greater impingement, allowing you to use one tool for various applications (cutting, cleaning, removal, etc.). Reaper’s four rear jets create a 20-degree angle for maximum thrusting and pulling power.

DURABILITY & RELIABLE – These heavy-duty, high impact nozzles are constructed with stainless steel housing and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to withstand harsh environments and provide longer life than ceramic nozzles.

EFFICIENCY – Greater impingement allows you to complete jobs faster and uses smaller nozzle sizes while getting the same or better performance as nozzles with higher GPM flow rates.

SERVICEABILITY – Repair kits are available for extended life and lower operating costs.