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A Beginners Guide to Sewer Jetting

Are you constantly dealing with clogged drains or sewer lines? Are the plumbing lines in your older home or business out of date? Is drain snaking just not getting the job done? If you answer yes to any of these questions then Sewer jetting is the solution for you.

What is Sewer Jetting?

Sewer jetting (or Hydro jetting) is an efficient way to clean out drain and sewer lines by pushing highly pressurized water through pipes to dislodge or clear obstructions, as well as provide preventative maintenance. Traditional snaking will remove the blockage, but will not flush out anything extra from your pipes and sewer lines. Sewer jetting removes any additional buildup restoring your pipes to their original glory.

Sewer jetting can be done in both residential and municipal settings, there is equipment out there for any job! For smaller residential jobs, portable sewer jetters are available; allowing technicians to access smaller pipes. Sewer jetting can also be done through a cleanout, removing the need for trenches to be dug.

Sewer jetting is also great for commercial settings. Kitchen drains in restaurants get constant use, and even small amounts of grease poured down drains can restrict the flow of water. Oftentimes snaking the drain is not enough to clear grease blockages, and sewer jetting can help restore pipes to their original conditions. Technicians can use sewer jetting trailers for larger jobs, allowing them to complete large jobs quickly and accurately.

What Can Cause A Blockage?

A wide variety of materials can block sewer and drain lines. Fats/oils, hair, hard water buildup and tree roots are all common culprits for blockages. To determine what is causing the blockage, a pipeline camera can be used for inspection. The camera inspection allows a technician to determine the issue and create a plan for resolution.

Preventative Maintenance

Many commercial companies have preventative jetting done to avoid an emergency blockage. Medical facilities, apartment complexes, malls, and college campuses are some examples of businesses that will use sewer jetting as part of their maintenance plan.

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